Roaring 20s Murder Mystery

Three Nights, Three Locations!
June 21 - Piccolissimo Italian Grille at 7PM
June 22 - O'Connors American Bar and Grille at 7PM
June 23 - Nook's Pourhouse at 7PM.

The old Don is dead... long live the new Don! A party at the local speak easy sees members of the Family celebrating the life of the recently deceased Don. Unfortunately for the festivities, the feds are here and it turns out, one of the "loyal" members of the Family are in fact responsible for the death of the beloved leader of the business. No one is leaving until the murderer is found!

Tickets include a fine 4-course meal, and an amazing interactive "who done it?" mystery show where you get to help solve the case and be as involved as you would like to be!

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Arts vs War Come to Crossford

This Year, 4 Artists Become Legends

Historian. Politician. Diplomat. Philosopher. Humanist. All of these words have been used to describe the cunning brilliance and devious mind of the man known as Niccolo Machiavelli. For the betterment of the state, he has set his sights on transforming a promising young Cardinal, Ferdinando Medici, into his ideal Prince - one set on using the military and science of war to create his ideal republic.

Yet, there are those who would resist. The faerie woods of Crossford have brought forth 4 of the Italian Renaissance's greatest artists and thinkers to challenge Machiavelli, and encourage Cardinal Medici to embrace the arts! Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Painters, sculptors, writers... by the time this adventure is through, they would be on their way to becoming legends!

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Sir Angus Prepares To Joust

Round Table Jousting

Fire Whips Are Frighteningly Fun

Jacques Ze Whipper

Just Hanging Around

Shelli Buttons

Death By Fluffy Kittens!

Shakespeare Approves

The Dance of Bruising Death

Lords of Adventure

Snack Time

Giant Pickle Cart

Is It Hot In Here?

Adamo Ignis

Knife Tossing

Paolo Garbanzo


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