Welcome to Poe's Nightmare

Wander into a different sort of world this Halloween as we bring you to a party hosted by the master of the macabre, himself, Edgar Allan Poe. He and his guests will regale you with tales from Poe’s own mind. Let yourself drift into Poe's Psyche, let your mind diverge, and let the fear grab hold.

Witness four chilling tales and a reading of The Raven.

Dinner and a Poe
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Night of the Macabre
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Sir Angus Prepares To Joust

Round Table Jousting

Fire Whips Are Frighteningly Fun

Jacques Ze Whipper

Just Hanging Around

Shelli Buttons

Death By Fluffy Kittens!

Shakespeare Approves

The Dance of Bruising Death

Lords of Adventure

Snack Time

Giant Pickle Cart

Is It Hot In Here?

Adamo Ignis

Knife Tossing

Paolo Garbanzo


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