The History of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire

The New Jersey Renaissance Faire was conceived in 2009 by T.J. Miller, John Williams and Phil Leipf. Their mutual love of Renaissance faires as a way to touch and engage an audience brought them as if by the magic of Crossford woods to Liberty Lake and to Andy Pritikin. The magic swept him in as well for he had only seen his first Renaissance faire that very year. Two years later, in 2011, master glass blower Jason Klein joined the family with a unique vision and experience from the merchant side of things. Since then, we have seen our small team grow to include an Education Department, Marketing Department, and even now a Stage Management Team!

The Minds Behind The Magic

Learn more about the directors and staff of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire!

The Story of Crossford

Many rumors about our Shire seem to exist, particularly surrounding the "magical" woods of Crossford.

Previous Seasons' Scenarios

Take a moment to walk through the past, and witness how we have grown over the years.

The Directors and Staff

What happens when you combine the creative powers of 3 actors, a glassblower, and a business owner? You create a Renaissance Faire! How do you keep a Renaissance Faire running? You bring in a support team of talented individuals to help you out!

Andy Pritkin

Andy Pritkin

Executive Producer

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John Williams

John Williams

Production Director

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TJ Miller

TJ Miller

Entertainment Director

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Phil Leipf

Phil Leipf

Aristic Director

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Jason Klein

Jason Klein

Vendor Coordinator

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Melissa Baker

Melissa Baker

Music Director

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Karen Lewis

Leah Firestone Messer

Head Costumer

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Caroline Leipf

Caroline Leipf

Education Director

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Vincent Smith

Vincent Smith

Web & Marketing Developer, Knights Director

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Terri McIntyre

Terri McIntyre

Stage Manager, Fight Coordinator

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There Be Magic In The Woods of Crossford

Crossford is a village like any other in the English countryside in the 1500’s. Situated on the shores of beautiful Loch Liberty in the Duchy of Northumberland, Crossford is a shire that is a jewel in the cap of the noble Duke of Northumberland. Her fields are rich and her citizens filled with merriment and love of crown and country.

The story is mostly true. Most of the year, Crossford is truly like any good English town on any good English lake, but at those magical times of the year, the solstices and the equinox, the magic of the ancient woods that loom over Crossford come to life. Those fey woodlands are a link, a portal to different times and Crossford sits on ley lines that make her a destination for visitors out of time who come to Crossford to solve some dilemma in their lives.

Each year at the festival, the people of Crossord wait and see what figure out of myth and history arrives and help them find the way back on their paths.

Season 1
Robin Hood & Maid Marian

At the time of the fall Equinox in 1557, Maid Marian was brought to Crossford to save her from a marriage to the evil Sheriff.

Season 2
King Arthur & His Knights

Nearing the time of Beltaine, 1558, King Arthur and his knights arrived in Crossford to fend off a curse placed on them by Morgan le Fay.

Season 3
The Three Musketeers

In 1559 at the summer solstice, D’Artagnan was brought to Crossford along with the Three Musketeers to save his love and his future as a Musketeer.

Season 4
William Wallace

In 1560, William Wallace and King Edward Longshanks battled in the village of Crossford, but they were merely players in the decisions of Robert du Bruce who stood at his personal crossroads.

Season 5
William Shakespeare

In 1561, William Shakespeare suffered from writer's block, and thus had to face the characters of his own tales come to life thanks to the magic of Titania and Puck.

Season 6
The Pirate Invasion

Young Francis Drake arrived to Crossford in 1562, only to encounter the infamous pirate Blackbeard and his crew, and Admiral Horatio Nelson of the Royal Navy.

Season 7
Vikings and the Queen

Queen Elizabeth visited Crossford, just in time for the arrival of Brunhilda, her father King Budhli, and his Vikings seeking his daughter's hand in marriage.

Season 8
Machiavelli vs. The Artists

The 4 Greatest Artists of the Renaissance came back to thwart Niccolo Machiavelli from corrupting a young Cardinal Medici.